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I am often asked; why did you start Doe Sprinkles?..

I started out in this industry as a cake maker and artist, and I was frustrated by the lack of diversity and uniqueness when looking for the perfect sprinkles – every sprinkle shop looked the same! They all seemed geared towards kids cakes with bright colours and novelty sprinkles.

I was looking for subtle colours, a bit of bling and texture in a contemporary way. Colours like grey, burgundy, navy, even mustard, were nowhere to be seen. I figured that if I was searching for these dainty, delicate sprinkles, then other cake makers probably were too!

I started my small online business in 2019 and one year later was regularly selling out! I now ship hundred of jars of Doe Sprinkles  all over the world each year.

While the size of my business has certainly grown, some things never change. Every jar of Doe Sprinkles is still created personally, by me, with great care and attention to detail, from my very own kitchen to yours.

I trust you will enjoy using Doe Sprinkles as much as I enjoy creating them. I hope they are the perfect finishing touch to your cake designs; bringing a little joy and happiness, a sprinkle at a time.

“Best customer service and the most amazing sprinkles. Highly recommend Doe Sprinkles ❤️”

– Sumayyah

in Perth, Western Australia

I hand dye all my sprinkle blends in small batches, so each jar is completely unique. The reason I can produce all your favourite shades like peach, dusty rose, mustard, avocado, or ivory is because I’m not buying in pre-coloured sprinkles; I’m sitting in my little kitchen in Perth WA mixing and colouring by hand. This is why each batch will have slightly different depths of colour, and the occasional vibrant sprinkle or two!

“When I’m not sprinkling, I’m a busy mum of four. Between school runs and looking after the dogs, you can find me crafting, quilting or gazing lovingly at my ever-growing plant collection! I always have baked goods in the house, and love catching up with my mum friends after the kids are asleep.”

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