Blush Bakes

Instagram: @blush.bakes

Ashlea from Blush Bakes makes the most divine cupcakes! She’s been a long time supporter of Doe and I’m thrilled to spotlight her beautiful work today! Here’s a note from Ash about her business, Blush Bakes

“Hello my name is Ash and I am the heart and soul that created and runs Blush Bakes (bb).  bb is a small home baking business run out of my registered family kitchen in Canberra.  I am a mum of one beautiful little boy and created Blush Bakes to fulfil my creative passion while at home being a Mummy.

“My mission is to inspire and create, magical, meaningful and heartfelt treats for my beautiful customers.”

I absolutely love making people smile and always strive to bring happiness to everyone that I have the pleasure of coming across.

I truly believe in the art of giving and bb provides an avenue for when you’re in need of a sweet treat for that special occasion, to gift someone or even enjoy on your own that you can simply click and create whenever and wherever you are.  I am currently working on my website and look forward to releasing that very soon.

“As you will see from my most recent creations on the bb Instagram and FB pages, I adore Doe Sprinkles.”

I would go as far to say I am a little obsessed and maybe a little addicted.  It is so hard to pick one favourite, I tend to sway towards Rose all Day and Caramelatte but I think my new favourite is Sweet Mint.

THANK YOU lovely Danielle for providing this opportunity for me and others out there to share our little business story.  I love, love supporting small business.”

Love Ash xx