Cakes by Ebony

Instagram: @cakesbyebony

In our Customer Spotlight today is the very talented Cakes by Ebony.

Ebony came to my attention with some gorgeous wreath cookies she made for Christmas 2020 which I saw referenced as inpiration all over Instagram for the holiday season!

Here’s a little bit about her and her business:

I’m Ebony, Mum to 2 boys (5 and 2), part-time Banker and part-time Baker! I started Cakes by Ebony back in early 2017 after friends and family gave me the push to turn my love of baking into a little side-hustle.

I love creating cakes, cookies & cupcakes for people’s special life events and putting a smile on people’s faces (and good cake in their tummies!) is why I do what I do.

My fave Doe Sprinkles blend has to be Solid Gold Baby – it’s just so versatile and perfect with everything (but TBH I’m getting quite the collection and I do love them all!).