Mothers Day 2021

“Mothers Day is nearly here and this year I’m releasing five brand new limited edition blends based on different types of Mama.”

Now of course I know that this list isn’t all encompassing, and every mother has many different aspects to her personality which changes on a daily (or hourly!) basis. But I think that there’s part of each of these mamas that we can all sometimes relate to:

Mindful Mama: Soft purple and mauve dotted with silver. She’s calm, gentle and kind. She thinks before she speaks, and treats every child with respect and love.

Earth Mama: Terracotta, palest peach and stone. She loves the outdoors and treasures every special rock, stick or flower gifted to her. Not afraid to get her hands dirty, she teaches a love and respect for all of nature. She speaks her mind and trusts her intuition.

Chic Mama: Crisp denim, espresso and gold. Always picture perfect, and approachable, loveable and helpful. She’s always on time and always has a spare baby wipe or nappy to lend a hand (packed perfectly in a designer nappy bag).

Rainbow Mama: Soft pastel pink, apricot, lemon, aqua and lilac. She’s fun, wholesome, and finds a childike joy in the everyday. But there is more than one meaning behind the rainbow mama, and some will always hold a special place in their heart for the child they never got to meet.

Funky Mama: bold turquoise, fuchsia, yellow and gold. Fun, loud, decisive and brave. She’s always up for an adventure or new game, and isn’t afraid to be silly.

The Mothers Day Collection will be available either as individual 100g jars, or a set of five test tubes with the incredible greeting card, pictured above, exclusively designed for Doe Sprinkles by Paula Kuka of Common Wild. Part proceeds of every sale will be donated to Motherless Daughters Australia.

This range will be available on Friday 26th March at 6pm AWST, so don’t miss out!

I’d love to hear what type of mama you are ❤